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Moreno Valley Logistics Center, Building 1

The Moreno Valley Logistics Center is located a mile east of Interstate 215. Over the span of a ten-month construction schedule, Oltmans completed Building 1, a S-1/B, Type III-B, 1,331,763-s.f., concrete tilt-up shell on a 2,727,285 s.f. site area, including tenant improvements.

Associated improvements to the project site include surface parking areas, vehicle drive aisles, truck courts, utility infrastructure, landscaping, exterior lighting, signage, three water quality/detention basins, and street frontage improvements. The project includes a 300kW solar power system, ESFR K-28 fire sprinkler system, and an eight-inch thick slab.

Building Area: 1,332,000 s.f.

Site Area: 2,727,000 s.f.


Bridge Point Silicon Valley

Located near State Route 237 in Milpitas, California, Bridge Point Silicon Valley is an industrial complex comprised of two (2) ground-up, concrete tilt-up structures, together totaling 722,000 s.f. on a 35-acre site. The project is near big employment hubs such as San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco, and close to major Fortune 100 operations within the Bay Area.

Greg Woolway, vice president and Bay Area officer for Bridge Development, shared about the project, “We didn’t want this to be a traditional warehouse. We have really cool wood features on these buildings. They have a lot of glass and glazing. You normally don’t see that with industrial.”

Existing Soil Conditions

Due to the project’s close proximity to the San Francisco Bay, just north of San Jose, the existing project site contained high levels of alluvial soil, making it too insufficiently dense to support the loads of new construction. To remedy this, Oltmans worked with Hayward Baker to propose an effective ground-improvement method in lieu of traditional drilled piles. The team opted for dynamic compaction.

Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic compaction uses the energy from a falling weight in a predetermined grid pattern to improve granular soils and fills. In this two-part process, in order to compact granular soil, the first step requires a 27-ton weight to be dropped repeatedly from a height of 60 to 70 feet at regular intervals of 7 feet on center throughout the site. This method eliminates two to three feet of sediment. Then, a surcharge of 10 feet is completed to further compact the clay soil and eliminate an additional three to four inches of sediment.

January 2020 Construction Video

In the video linked below, two rigs are completing a wick-drain installation across the proposed site for Building 2, prior to moving west towards Building 1. They are followed by DDC rigs which drop 27 tons of weight repeatedly onto a 15-foot-by-15-foot grid during two passes. Next is an ironing pass, using a 10-ton weight, spaced out among a seven-foot by seven-foot grid. Upon completion, the site elevation is anticipated to settle approximately two feet by densifying the loose granular soils up to 15 to 20 feet deep. Following this process, the site will be surcharged, anticipating another three to four inches of settlement. Piezometers and settlement plates will be installed to track the progress.


Click here for additional footage of the DDC process.

Manteca Speculative Building II

Ground-up construction of a concrete tilt-up speculative building with associated parking lot and site work. The project also includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and irrigation design to be included. The project is currently being built to LEED Certified guidelines. Tenant improvements are currently being completed for amazon SCK3.

Square Footage: 746,70000 s.f.

Harbor Bay South Loop

Ground-up construction of (3) concrete tilt-up warehouse buildings as well as onsite improvements. Each building includes a mezzanine and tenant improvements.

Building A: 122,286 s.f.

Building B: 90,256 s.f.

Building C: 98,403 s.f.

South Milliken Distribution Center

South Milliken Distribution Center

Oltmans is currently constructing a two-story concrete tilt-up distribution center with 8,000 s.f. of office space for Newcastle Partners, Inc. The project includes all associated on- and off-site work, mezzanine, and tenant improvement for a facility that features:

  • 36 dock high doors
  • 1 grade level door
  • 36 minimum clear height
  • 2000 Amps
  • 277/480 volt power (Exp to 4000 A)
  • ESFR sprinkler system
  • 50 trailer stalls
  • Full secured truck court
  • 176 car parking spaces

Square Footage:

277,636 s.f. (building)

687,069 s.f. (site area)

Center at Needham Ranch_Oltmans Construction

The Center at Needham Ranch, Phase 1-A

Phase 1-A construction includes mass infrastructure and grading as well as the creation of three (3) speculative concrete tilt-up warehouse and distribution centers (Buildings 1-3), which measure 62,340 s.f., 164,609 s.f., and 204,538 s.f., respectively. Phase 1 broke ground in August 2017 and is expected to begin deliveries during Q3 2018. Oltmans’ scope also includes the safe relocation of the 92-year-old Live Oak Manor rock archway, to make way for new improvements.

The Center at Needham Ranch is a 135-acre, master-planned business park offering state-of-the-art facilities on a speculative and build-to-suit basis. Once completed, the business center will provide up to approximately 4.3 million square feet of industrial, office, and research and development facilities.

Square Footage:

Building 1: 62,340 s.f.

Building 2: 164,609 s.f.

Building 3: 204,538 s.f.

Gateway V

Three (3) speculative concrete tilt-up buildings with a mezzanine for future T.I. build-out. Building 7 is 105,047 s.f. with a site area of 238,252 s.f., building 8 is 88,752 s.f. with a site area of 190,642 s.f., and building 9 is 60,923 s.f. with a site area of 150,390 s.f. The project totals 404,222 sf.

Square Footage:

Building 7: 105,047 s.f.

Building 8: 88,752 s.f.

Building 9: 60,923 s.f.

Conejo Spectrum

Conejo Spectrum will feature nine (9) new buildings on a 28-acre site ranging in size from 37,218 s.f. to 98,218 s.f. and will be located just north of the 101 freeway in Thousand Oaks. These state-of-the-art facilities will have mezzanines, warehousing and manufacturing space and will feature modern and high-tech architectural finishes with an average of 3,000 s.f. of office space/tenant improvements for each building.

Building seven (7) will be the future home for Atara Bio, a company that develops meaningful therapies for life-threatening diseases and cancers. Atara will house bio laboratories, clean rooms, a manufacturing facility and various high-tech departments.

Total Square Footage: 507,826 s.f.

San Leandro Commerce Center, Sears Building LIT

Remodel of two existing building as follows:

Building A is an existing non-conforming 228,847 s.f. building of Type IIIB Con­struction with an S-1 Occupancy. Existing building footprint and S-1 Occupancy to remain.

Building B is an existing 66,227 s.f. building of Type IIB Construction with an S-1 Occupancy. A change of use from S-1 to F-1 is proposed.

At both buildings, existing dock doors along the north elevation will be resized. The existing fire protection system will be replaced with a control mode system. Site improvements to include new landscaping along Merced Street, re-striping of parking lot, and new light standards.

Grove Business Center

Four (4) concrete tilt-up speculative industrial buildings with mezzanine office spaces and associated site work.

Square Footage:

Building 1: 61,130 s.f.

Building 2: 35,904 s.f.

Building 3: 29,030 s.f.

Building 4: 62,360 s.f.

Total: 188,424 s.f.

Renaissance and Palmetto Industrial Buildings

Three (3) concrete tilt-up buildings at 207,877 s.f., 76,777 s.f. and 52,670 s.f. respectively.

Square Footage:

Building 1: 207,877 s.f.

Building 2: 76,777 s.f.

Building 3: 52,670 s.f.

Beckman Business Center

The Beckman Business Center is a revitalization of the former 44.3 acre Beckman Campus at Harbor Blvd and Lambert Road in Fullerton. The construction project will include the historic reuse of the original Beckman administration building along with the construction of seven (7) other concrete tilt-up buildings totaling 976,754 s.f.

Square Footage

Building 1: 309,439 s.f.

Building 2: 212,202 s.f.

Building 3: 41,891 s.f.

Building 4: 45,761 s.f.

Building 5: 78,523 s.f.

Building 6: 141,616 s.f.

Building 7: 105,322 s.f.

Building 8: 42,000 s.f.

Chino Kimball Industrial Business Park

Chino Kimball Industrial Business Park is a 68.71-acre, master-planned industrial park located east of the Chino Airport. Sares-Regis Group owns and professionally manages all 25 buildings, totaling 1.1 million square feet, with buildings ranging from 5,825 s.f. to 349,000 s.f. This project will be constructed in two phases: Phase I (currently under construction) will be buildings 1 – 8 and Phase II (future projects) will be buildings 9 – 25.

Square Footage: Phase I, buildings 1 through 8 totaling 1,030,727 s.f.

Bringing a Brand to Life | United Pacific Headquarters

LONG BEACH, CA – January 10, 2018 – Oltmans Construction Co. would like to celebrate the completion of United Pacific Headquarters at Douglas Business Park in Long Beach. Read More ››

Columbia Business Center

New construction of Building 1, a 1,002,972 s.f. speculative concrete tilt-up building, part of a larger three (3)-building business park.Other components to the site are two shotcrete retaining walls located towards the South side of the site and east end of Building 1. The retaining walls are designed to direct water run-off into an onsite bioswale or building landscaping.

Building 1 also included 7,000 s.f. of tenant improvement work at southwest corner of the core and shell of Building 1. Tenant improvement construction included but is not limited to construction of mezzanine floor, wood stair case, steel stair case, partition walls, separate men and women bathrooms on first floor, and a janitor closet. Utility work included mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and fire alarm.

Square Footage

1,002,972 s.f.