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M.S. Aerospace

The MS Aerospace building is a single-story concrete tilt-up manufacturing facility including mezzanine for the production of bolts for use in the aerospace industry. The project includes an Owner specified 35,000 s.f. machine shop, high pressure oil precipitation ventilation system, 7,000 s.f. office area. The building exterior features curved radius and interlocking panels.

Square Footage

40.800 s.f.


The Cavotec Group is a global leader in providing power supply solutions to clients within the ports and maritime, airports, mining and tunneling industries. Oltmans Special Projects Division’s scope of work for the Cavotec project included the tenant improvement of the first and 2nd floor office areas as well as renovations and upgrades to the existing 130,000 s.f. warehouse.


The office tenant improvement involved the build out of new executive offices, conference rooms, research and development rooms, restrooms, and break rooms. Cosmetic changes to the office/lobby included new carpet and paint, and cut in windows at conference rooms with views into the factory/warehouse.


New test chamber, which maintains a constant temperature of 130o F to enable testing of Cavotec’s A/C Unit. Addition of warehouse restrooms, showers and breakroom. Updates in HVAC and electrical work including power feeds to tenant’s factory equipment, new bus duct throughout, and approximately 500 ft. of compressed air lines.

Exterior Work

Construction of new grade level ramps to two (2) 10’x16’ dock high doors, new flag poles, stairs/landing and door at building’s front entrance, a new transformer, and all new rooftop HVAC equipment.

Square Footage:

320,000 s.f.

1035 O’Brien Drive

Oltmans Northern California office completed construction on this industrial high tech-flex building in Menlo Park, CA. The project included a new building shell on 1.5 acres with site improvements, spec laboratory rooms and office space, and 16,515 s.f. mezzanine.

The scope of work involves the demolition of an existing building for the new construction of a 2-story, Class “A”, LEED Silver concrete tilt-up R&D building. The building’s exterior consists of glass and glazing with a single-ply roof membrane. Interior work includes make ready tenant improvements on west half of the first floor for use of medical device, biotech and life science tenants.

Building Features:

  • 36,000 s.f. building total
  • 19,485 s.f. building footprint
  • 16,515 s.f. mezzanine
  • LEED silver
  • Spec laboratory and office space
  • Science / Medical Device space
  • Warehouse
  • Conference Room
  • Break room
  • Extensive glass line
  • Glass roll-up doors
  • Skylights
  • Two grade level doors
  • Parking ratio of up to 3.1/1,000
  • Brand new landscaping & monument sign

Square Footage:

    36,000 s.f.; Building Total Incl. 1st & 2nd Flr.
    19,485 s.f.; First floor
    16,515 s.f.; 2nd floor; joist and metal deck
    1,025 s.f.; Lab

Lisi Aerospace (Hi-Shear) Bldg 4

Lisi Aerospace Phase II: Construction of new office space.

Lisi Aerospace Phase I

Hi-Shear Corporation, an aerospace branch of Lisi Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced aerospace fasteners and installation tools used in commercial, military and space vehicles.

Oltmans’ scope of work was to provide design-build services for the construction of a new plating/manufacturing/testing facility for Lisi. The new facility is a prefabricated metal building that accommodates six plating lines and office space. Located outside of the facility is a waste-treatment area that includes multiple waste containers with associated filtration systems. This project involved several highly technical and challenging components including:

Staging and Logistics

Lisi’s customer, Boeing, had to approve the products coming out of the new facility before they could stop production at their old plant. Therefore, Oltmans had to construct the new building first, get it under operation, test the quality and then demolish the old plant. Due to this constraint, the new building was constructed adjacent to the old building on the company’s existing parking lot. The project team worked with neighboring businesses to lease out parking spaces during construction for Lisi employees. Future plans involve constructing a new parking lot on top of the old building’s site.

Existing Soil Conditions

Several existing monitoring wells (water & vapor) within the work area had to be lowered (below level of work) and then raised back after completion of construction work.

“Just in Time Deliveries”

The project included a lot of custom equipment; several pieces of equipment had to be shipped in from out-of-state. Due to the minimal staging area, this involved major coordination of deliveries for the equipment to arrive “just in time”.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Oltmans’ BIM services played a vital role in keeping the project on schedule. Through the use of BIM, eighty (80) conflicts had been resolved during the design phase, which made the construction process relatively seamless. It allowed for the project to be completed on-time and on-budget.

Square Footage

24,000 s.f.

Stanford Linear Accelorator(SLAC) B40 Renovation Project

Stanford Linear Accelorator (SLAC) National Accelerator Laboratory is one of ten Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science laboratories and is operated by Stanford University on behalf of the DOE.

The project is a joint venture between Oltmans Construction Co. and Halbert Construction with Oltmans providing project management support and Halbert providing the field supervision. The scope of work consists of the demolition, renovation and addition, as well as the tenant improvement of the 3-story laboratory and office building. This project is LEED Gold and features 18,000 s.f. of newly renovated laboratory and office space as well as improvements to the Laser/MBE Lab, Synthesis Lab, Measurement Lab, Energy Storage Lab, UHV Lab and associated support rooms, common space and restrooms. Aside from the typical lab casework, air handling units and fume hood improvements, the team installed advanced process piping (UN2, CDA), a laser safety system, and a specialized Acoustic Chamber. One adjacent building is retrofitted into a training center which includes classrooms, common space and retrofitted with advanced AV systems.

Square Footage

18,000 s.f.

Unical Aviation, Inc.

Unical Aviation, Inc.


»» City of Industry’s Beautification Award

»» Gold Nugget Award for Best Rehab of a Commercial/Industrial Project

»» 1st Place Winner for “Best Industrial Project,” LABJ 2013 Commercial Real Estate Awards

Oltmans provided design-build services for Unical Aviation, which is one of the largest suppliers of used airplane parts in the United States. The rehab portion of the project was completed in 3 phases, which included major transformation/renovation to the 2-story building and its surrounding areas. The building facade featured Trespa and Reynobond metal panels, plaster and glass windows with the unique architectural pop-out lobby entry that protrudes outside of the existing building shell. Exterior work of the patio area included: a 28-foot tall fountain with jumping water, fog and fire system, pour-in-place BBQ and fireplace and misting system. The existing parking lot was redesigned to include: enhanced storm drain systems to reduce asphalt damage, altered grade slopes, added new catch basins and repaved for new entryway. High-end tenant improvements included: 1,200 s.f. interior/exterior koi fish pond, 8,000 s.f. mezzanine, 8,000 gallon salt water aquarium, 26-foot tall stone wallfall, stainless steel stairway interior aluminum panels, modular art panels, audio/visual systems throughout the facility, multi-media conference/board rooms, custom lights (LED, chandeliers, raceway lights, scones, etc.), over 50 different colors in painted walls and flooring finishes, Libretto & 3 Form ceiling system (50% of ceiling was drywall lid and soffits) and MRO laboratories and testing operations facility. In addition, Oltmans Construction renovated the building to include a 428,500 s.f. warehouse and distribution facility.

Square Footage

Office Building: 260,000 s.f.
Warehouse: 428,500 s.f.

Alcon Surgical Regional Headquarters

Alcon Surgical

This Regional Headquarters for a manufacturer of optical surgery equipment consists of a lobby, auditorium, surgical wet lab, clean rooms (class 10,000 and 100,000), machine shops, administrative offices, research and development offices and labs, as well as manufacturing and warehouse/distribution functions totaling 191,000 s.f. Upgraded areas include lobby and auditorium which are designed to project a progressive corporate image to Alcon’s Pacific Basin clients. Private office, open office and manufacturing spaces are consistent with Alcon’s corporate standards.Both the two-story administrative offices and the research and development/manufacturing/distribution areas are to be built of painted tilt up concrete. Research and Development labs and offices serve as a link between administration and manufacturing. The administration wraps around the private courtyard which has views to San Diego Creek. A large raised paved entry plaza with steps, planters and oversized light standards make a dramatic gesture to the street.

Square Footage

Shell: 191,000 s.f.

Mezzanine: 80,000 s.f.

Office: 85,000 s.f.

VWR Warehouse/Chemical Distribution Facility

VWR Warehouse/Chemical Distribution Facility

This project is the remodel of an existing warehouse and the development of a chemical storage and processing facility.

Site: The project includes the development of a 20-acre site for use as Van Waters and Rogers’ Los Angeles area chemical distribution facility. The delivery system includes tanker truck and railroad car access, with a new rail spur serving the site. Structural steel platforms provide access to the rail car off-loading area. Two (2) new truck scales provide shipment/load verification and the chemical loading areas are covered by metal building structures. Extension of existing site utilities, demolition, re-grading and paving of the site, and associated site hardscape and landscape improvements complete the site portion of the project.

Tank Farm: The project site encompasses areas for the delivery, storage, and distribution of various chemicals, ranging from solvents and corrosives to hydrogen peroxide. 65 above ground storage tanks (to 30,000 gallon Capacity) are housed within three (3) separate tank farms with HDPE-lined containment walls. The chemical piping system that delivers product from the tank farm to trucks and the warehouse is designed with PLC controls.

Warehouse: The scope of the development includes remodeling of a 284,000 s.f. warehouse with 12,000 s.f. of interior office rehab. The warehouse chemical storage areas will primarily by Type H-3 and H-7 rated, depending upon the chemicals to be stored, and includes sprinklered storage racks. The warehouse layout comprises storage, blending, packaging, maintenance, laboratory, and warm room facilities. Loading dock areas serve the warehouse on two (2) sides. Both the building and the various chemical storage areas have individual containment structures built for them to provide enclosure in the event of a material spill.

Square Footage

284,000 s.f.

Rockwell Scientific

The Rockwell Scientific project is a two-story concrete tilt-up with 55,000 s.f. of office and manufacturing space. The ground floor of this space includes 16,000 s.f. of class100 clean rooms with computers and manufacturing and 20,000 s.f. of laboratory facilities and 12,800 s.f. of mezzanine office space. Site activity includes R&D and manufacturing of imaging and optical components and systems.

Square Footage

67,800 s.f.

Robinson Helicopter

The building is a concrete tilt-up helicopter and maintenance fabrication facility with 2-story offices. The space includes a white reflective manufacturing building floor and 7% skylights. Additions made to the project were an adjacent 2-story flight test center, 10,000 s.f. of office and classroom area, 2,000 s.f. covered parking, 25’ motorized hangar doors that open directly onto the airport tarmac, compressed airlines, electrical buss ducts and thermally controlled environment.

Square Footage

250,000 s.f. (Phase I & II)

216,200 s.f. (Phase III)

133,720 s.f. (Addition)

Grifols Biologicals Bldg. 330

This project is a 3-story, high tech structural steel framed industrial laboratory. The facility will be used for the production of blood plasma therapies. 29 large specialty stainless steel tanks will be used to store the blood plasma for processing, and will be temperature controlled. 23-tanks will be installed on the second floor, which will weigh 44,000 lbs each when filled. 6-additional tanks will be installed in the tank farm area, weighing 247,000 lbs each when filled. The tank farm structure includes concrete caissons and an elevated concrete deck. Special coordination and phasing is required to place the tanks through the open roof via crane. The steel support system of the tanks includes a combination of large wide flange beams, channels and angles. Within this framework, the stainless steel load cell system will be welded into place and will be used to monitor the weight of the tanks.

Square Footage

95,200 s.f.

Emulex Corporate Office Complex

The unique infrastructure of these three (3) two-story concrete tilt-up buildings included a dramatic glass curtain wall framed by the offset eastern facades of the other two buildings, floor to ceiling glass-enclosed walkways connecting the buildings and 9-foot floor to ceiling windows to create a dramatic effect. Also, the project required specialized cabling for the laboratory and an acoustical ceilings was used to reduce noise and vibration due to large equipment use. Major site work and extensive landscaping was also completed within the scope of work.

Square Footage

179,701 s.f.

Medical Analysis System

This two-story facility is situated on a 9.4 acre parcel in the Mission Oaks Business Park located in the City of Camarillo. Medical Analysis Systems manufactures reagents and compounds used in the calibration and testing of blood analysis machines. Extensive quality control and research and development laboratories were at the core of the project’s design. Intricate plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler and refrigeration systems were incorporated into the project to support the complex manufacturing process. This project presented several unique scheduling challenges such as performing all interior work in phases in order to facilitate the owner in obtaining their F.D.A. certifications. Despite the time constraints and design challenges, the project was completed one month ahead of schedule.

Square Footage

Manufacturing: 105,000 s.f.

Office Space: 65,000 s.f.

Laboratory: 10,000 s.f.

Total: 180,000 s.f.

I.T.T. Gilfillan

The scope of work involved the demolition of three buildings and partial demolition of a fourth building. A new 168,700 s.f. facility was built in its place along with a 97,000 s.f. remodel of an existing building The build-to-suit corporate facility featured 100,000 s.f. of fully air-conditioned manufacturing space including electrical and compressed air distribution, overhead crane system and associated equipment and mechanical support enclosures associated with the manufacturing of radar systems. The existing facility received a complete interior demolition and was re-constructed with office and lab space. The project was completed in 6 phases while the building was fully occupied.

Square Footage

New Facility: 168,700 s.f.

Existing Remodel: 97,000 s.f.