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Bridge Point Silicon Valley

Located near State Route 237 in Milpitas, California, Bridge Point Silicon Valley is an industrial complex comprised of two (2) ground-up, concrete tilt-up structures, together totaling 722,000 s.f. on a 35-acre site. The project is near big employment hubs such as San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco, and close to major Fortune 100 operations within the Bay Area.

Greg Woolway, vice president and Bay Area officer for Bridge Development, shared about the project, “We didn’t want this to be a traditional warehouse. We have really cool wood features on these buildings. They have a lot of glass and glazing. You normally don’t see that with industrial.”

Existing Soil Conditions

Due to the project’s close proximity to the San Francisco Bay, just north of San Jose, the existing project site contained high levels of alluvial soil, making it too insufficiently dense to support the loads of new construction. To remedy this, Oltmans worked with Hayward Baker to propose an effective ground-improvement method in lieu of traditional drilled piles. The team opted for dynamic compaction.

Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic compaction uses the energy from a falling weight in a predetermined grid pattern to improve granular soils and fills. In this two-part process, in order to compact granular soil, the first step requires a 27-ton weight to be dropped repeatedly from a height of 60 to 70 feet at regular intervals of 7 feet on center throughout the site. This method eliminates two to three feet of sediment. Then, a surcharge of 10 feet is completed to further compact the clay soil and eliminate an additional three to four inches of sediment.

January 2020 Construction Video

In the video linked below, two rigs are completing a wick-drain installation across the proposed site for Building 2, prior to moving west towards Building 1. They are followed by DDC rigs which drop 27 tons of weight repeatedly onto a 15-foot-by-15-foot grid during two passes. Next is an ironing pass, using a 10-ton weight, spaced out among a seven-foot by seven-foot grid. Upon completion, the site elevation is anticipated to settle approximately two feet by densifying the loose granular soils up to 15 to 20 feet deep. Following this process, the site will be surcharged, anticipating another three to four inches of settlement. Piezometers and settlement plates will be installed to track the progress.


Click here for additional footage of the DDC process.

Living Spaces San Jose

Refresh and revitalization of an existing two (2)-story retail space into a Living Spaces Showroom, within the Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose. The scope of work includes new exterior doors, interior non-structural walls, new finishes throughout and improvements to the mechanical ductwork, new electrical, additional plumbing and an outdoor storage area.

Square footage: 111,987 s.f.

Manteca Speculative Building II

Ground-up construction of a concrete tilt-up speculative building with associated parking lot and site work. The project also includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and irrigation design to be included. The project is currently being built to LEED Certified guidelines. Tenant improvements are currently being completed for amazon SCK3.

Square Footage: 746,70000 s.f.

Harbor Bay South Loop

Ground-up construction of (3) concrete tilt-up warehouse buildings as well as onsite improvements. Each building includes a mezzanine and tenant improvements.

Building A: 122,286 s.f.

Building B: 90,256 s.f.

Building C: 98,403 s.f.

San Leandro Commerce Center, Sears Building LIT

Remodel of two existing building as follows:

Building A is an existing non-conforming 228,847 s.f. building of Type IIIB Con­struction with an S-1 Occupancy. Existing building footprint and S-1 Occupancy to remain.

Building B is an existing 66,227 s.f. building of Type IIB Construction with an S-1 Occupancy. A change of use from S-1 to F-1 is proposed.

At both buildings, existing dock doors along the north elevation will be resized. The existing fire protection system will be replaced with a control mode system. Site improvements to include new landscaping along Merced Street, re-striping of parking lot, and new light standards.

IPT Harbour Way

Black Creek’s IPT Harbour Way in Richmond, California lies on 10.59 acres along the San Francisco Bay’s Harbor Channel. The facility has been designed as a 172,408-s.f. Class-A industrial, dock-high, speculative warehouse building with 10,000 s.f. of office space as well as an associated concrete surface parking lot. In addition to grading and the construction of the warehouse and office spaces, Oltmans Construction is also providing services for landscaping, utilities, open-space, and offsite and onsite improvements.

Due to the project’s location on the harbor, the project team was tasked with mitigating heavy bay mud and high ground water as they prepped for the building foundation. To do so, Oltmans Construction utilized Auger Cast ColumnTM and Drill Displacement ColumnTM (ACC/DDC) technology to increase soil stiffness, bearing capacity, and resistance to liquefaction. 18 inches in diameter and drilled to a depth of 50 feet, the ACC/DDCs were located and installed two beneath each interior pier for structural column support.

Square Footage:

Building: 182,408 s.f.

Site Area: 461,684 s.f. (10.59 ac)

Living Spaces Furniture

Living Spaces is a furniture retailer with showrooms all over California, stretching into Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Oltmans has partnered with Living Spaces for the past ten (10) years across 16 different Living Spaces retail showroom & distribution center locations on projects valuing over $300M. Oltmans continues to have a strong partnership with Living Spaces, assisting them in their aim to open six (6) new stores every fiscal year.

These projects range from new, ground-up showrooms to conversions and renovations of existing facilities.


Gilbert, AZ 110,000 s.f.

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, the Phoenix showroom, scope is an accelerated design-assist of 110,000 s.f. retail showroom & warehouse space. The project involved complex coordination between owner’s subcontractors/finishers, the Living Spaces Stock Team and the shell contractor to complete the project in 14-weeks and allow Living Spaces to meet their scheduled opening date.

San Leandro, CA 100,000 s.f.

The San Leandro project involved conversion of an existing shell into a 100,000 s.f. retail showroom. The scope of work included all new interior, non-structural load bearing walls, new restrooms, mechanical ductwork, and electrical and plumbing associated with the new restrooms. Despite weather delays, the project is nearing completion, and is anticipated to open on-time according to schedule.

Glendale, AZ 126,000 s.f.

The new Glendale showroom is another conversion of an existing building into a retail showroom. The scope of work includes all new plumbing, mechanical units, as well as electrical, new lighting and all finishes. The project also involves a lot of coordination with owner’s subcontractors and showroom stock team. The showroom is anticipated to complete mid August 2016.

Napa Logistics Park – Phase I

Phase I construction of the Napa Logistics Park master plan includes the construction of a new 646,000 s.f. concrete tilt-up, warehouse facility within Napa County.

Building 1 features:

  • 646,000 Sq. Ft. Cross-Dock Facility
  • 420’ Deep X 1,538’ Wide
  • 32’ Clear, Concrete Tilt-Up Construction
  • 575 Car / 86 Trailer Parking Stalls
  • 50’ Wide X 54’ Deep Column Spacing
  • 135’ Staging On Two (2) Sides, 60’ Speed Bays
  • Up To 4,000 Amps @ 277/480 Volts To Main Panel Or To-Suit
  • One Hundred and Fifty (150) Dock High Doors (9’ X 10’)
  • Four (4) to Eight (8) Grade Level Doors (12’ X 14’)
  • ESFR Fire Suppression System
  • Dock Doors Convertible to Rail Loading
  • California Northern Railroad / Union Pacific rail service

Square Footage

646,000 s.f. (Warehouse)

1,685,772 s.f. (Site)

The Crossings @ 880

Largest industrial business park to be constructed in the San Francisco Bay Area within the past 15 years

The Crossings @880, which began construction in February 2014, is a nearly 700,000 square-foot, three concrete tilt-up building project spread over a 40-acre site in Fremont, California. The project is a joint venture between Overton Moore Properties and LaSalle Investment Management and is the largest industrial business park to be constructed in the San Francisco Bay Area within the past 15 years. This $40 million project includes three state of the art buildings ranging from 175,000 to 311,000 square-feet of advanced manufacturing and warehouse industrial space with ceiling heights of 32-feet and houses tenants such as Apple (Building 1), Pivot Interiors (Building 2), and Living Spaces (Building 3). As part of the project, Overton Moore Properties paid to connect Fremont Boulevard to Dixon Landing Road and I-880 in hopes it will spur additional activity in this part of Fremont by enhancing transportation connections.

Building 1 (Apple)

  • 174,578 s.f. warehouse/office
  • 10.93 acres
  • 128.8’ Truck Courts
  • 15 dock high doors (9’x10’)
  • 2 grade level doors (12’ x 14’)
  • 50’ x 52’ typical column spacing
  • T-5 warehouse lighting
  • 2/1,000 (355 standard cars)

Building 2 (Pivot Interiors)

  • 204,749 s.f. warehouse/office
  • 12.85 acres
  • 120’ Truck Courts
  • 16 dock high doors (9’x10’)
  • 9 grade level doors (12’ x 14’)
  • 50’ x 52’ typical column spacing
  • T-5 warehouse lighting
  • 1.86/1,000 (379 standard cars)

Building 3 (Living Spaces)

  • 311,469 s.f.
  • 16.73 acres
  • 120’ Truck Courts
  • 18 dock high doors (9’x10’)
  • 50’ x 52’ typical column spacing
  • T-5 warehouse lighting
  • 2/1,000 (636 standard cars)

Square Footage 690,793 s.f.

Prologis Foxhead

The scope of work involves a build out for specific tenant improvement of an existing space, including all TI trades, dock leveler equipment, site concrete and fencing.

Square Footage

384,614 s.f.

Prima Products

Prima Products

The Prima Products project is a 93,000 s.f. concrete tilt-up manufacturing and distribution facility with 3,000 s.f. mezzanine including tenant improvements. It features cross-dock loading, 24’ minimum interior clearance and on-site parking.

Square Footage

93,000 s.f.

Kellogg USA

The Kellogg USA project was the construction of a 749,000 s.f. concrete tilt-up distribution facility including site work. It featured cross-dock design, 100 dock leveler position, 5,000 s.f. of tenant improvements, ESFR fire sprinkler system, 30’ minimum interior clearance, major site work and landscaping and rail service availability.

Square Footage

749,000 s.f.

Livermore Distribution Center

This project was completed out of our Northern California Office and is a single story concrete tilt-up with mezzanine and site work. The property is considered one of the Bay Area’s premier warehouse/manufacturing facilities. The building features extensive high-image glass line, a roof area covered with skylights, ESFR sprinklers and full concrete staging.

Square Footage

286,100 s.f.

1035 O’Brien Drive

Oltmans Northern California office completed construction on this industrial high tech-flex building in Menlo Park, CA. The project included a new building shell on 1.5 acres with site improvements, spec laboratory rooms and office space, and 16,515 s.f. mezzanine.

The scope of work involves the demolition of an existing building for the new construction of a 2-story, Class “A”, LEED Silver concrete tilt-up R&D building. The building’s exterior consists of glass and glazing with a single-ply roof membrane. Interior work includes make ready tenant improvements on west half of the first floor for use of medical device, biotech and life science tenants.

Building Features:

  • 36,000 s.f. building total
  • 19,485 s.f. building footprint
  • 16,515 s.f. mezzanine
  • LEED silver
  • Spec laboratory and office space
  • Science / Medical Device space
  • Warehouse
  • Conference Room
  • Break room
  • Extensive glass line
  • Glass roll-up doors
  • Skylights
  • Two grade level doors
  • Parking ratio of up to 3.1/1,000
  • Brand new landscaping & monument sign

Square Footage:

    36,000 s.f.; Building Total Incl. 1st & 2nd Flr.
    19,485 s.f.; First floor
    16,515 s.f.; 2nd floor; joist and metal deck
    1,025 s.f.; Lab

Stanford Linear Accelorator(SLAC) B40 Renovation Project

Stanford Linear Accelorator (SLAC) National Accelerator Laboratory is one of ten Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science laboratories and is operated by Stanford University on behalf of the DOE.

The project is a joint venture between Oltmans Construction Co. and Halbert Construction with Oltmans providing project management support and Halbert providing the field supervision. The scope of work consists of the demolition, renovation and addition, as well as the tenant improvement of the 3-story laboratory and office building. This project is LEED Gold and features 18,000 s.f. of newly renovated laboratory and office space as well as improvements to the Laser/MBE Lab, Synthesis Lab, Measurement Lab, Energy Storage Lab, UHV Lab and associated support rooms, common space and restrooms. Aside from the typical lab casework, air handling units and fume hood improvements, the team installed advanced process piping (UN2, CDA), a laser safety system, and a specialized Acoustic Chamber. One adjacent building is retrofitted into a training center which includes classrooms, common space and retrofitted with advanced AV systems.

Square Footage

18,000 s.f.