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Goodman Commerce Center at Eastvale – Pedestrian Bridge and Parking Lot

Oltmans Construction Co. provided preconstruction and construction services for the Goodman Way Pedestrian Bridge and Parking Lot project. The bridge is approximately 155’ long with two elevators. It supports two 54” tall, 127’ long beams with 16” wide x 1-1/2”thick top and bottom flanges. Parking lot is 4.7 acres with 26 security cameras, 731 stalls (including ADA parking, Clean Air/EV Charging Stations), and two emergency blue light phones.

The bridge and parking lot was part of a larger contract for the Goodman Logistics Center Eastvale project. It was built concurrently with construction of Building 1 (LGB3) and offsites.

StorQuest Gardena

The project includes construction of one four (4)-story, fully enclosed, climate controlled self-storage facility approximately 129,537 s.f. with three (3) elevators, one (1) accessory storage retail office area, and four (4) retail spaces. Site improvements consisted of grading and associated improvements including parking, storm water systems, landscaping, utility improvements and buffer enhancements across a total site are of 54,154 s.f.

Square Footage: 129,537 s.f.

Chino Kimball Industrial Business Park

Chino Kimball Industrial Business Park is a 68.71-acre, master-planned industrial park located east of the Chino Airport. Sares-Regis Group owns and professionally manages all 25 buildings, totaling 1.1 million square feet, with buildings ranging from 5,825 s.f. to 349,000 s.f. This project will be constructed in two phases: Phase I (currently under construction) will be buildings 1 – 8 and Phase II (future projects) will be buildings 9 – 25.

Square Footage: Phase I, buildings 1 through 8 totaling 1,030,727 s.f.

I.A.C. Commerce Center – Mass Grading

106- acres of street improvements and infrastructure work.

The IAC Commerce Center will be a net 70-acre business park that will accommodate 1.3 million s.f. of industrial buildings.