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Ganahl Lumber Costa Mesa

Veterans of their respective crafts, Ganahl Lumber (established in 1884) trusted Oltmans Construction Co. (established in 1932) with the preconstruction and construction of their newly-relocated retail and lumber yard facility, located on seven acres in Costa Mesa. The new location, adjacent to the original building, provides a larger storage area to support a greater inventory and product mix, higher energy efficiency, and space for a more expansive showroom.

The project consisted of 60,000 s.f. of retail space with an exterior skin made of glass and masonry. The facility also included a rooftop parking structure composed of wood and concrete, and over 150 glulam beams. Other components of the project are a 33,000-s.f. storage and mill shed, a 6,800-s.f. three-sided pole shed, and numerous racking systems (t-sheds) for additional storage of merchandise.


Oltmans assisted the design team through design development and construction document development, established a GMP, provided cost/value analysis and supported entitlement procurement. Due to a ground-lease agreement with the Orange County Flood District (OCFD) and the location at the foot of the I-73 freeway (owned by Caltrans), the Ganahl Lumber Costa Mesa site crosses three (3) entities with jurisdiction, including the City of Costa Mesa Building and Planning Department. Substantial coordination was required and a third-party consultant was hired to ensure that the entitlement and permitting completed without delay. Within the Caltrans District 12 department alone, Oltmans supported plan check, planning, and entitlement with over twelve (12) different engineers and departments.

Composite Wood and Concrete Rooftop Construction

This parking structure is one of the first composite wood and concrete rooftop parking structures in the nation. Each glulam beam its comprised of consisted of up to eight (8) 4” x 4” notches which piece together and act as the composite wood/concrete roof structure system. To speed up this process and accelerate the project schedule, the glulams were ordered in advance and staged on the storage and mill shed building pad footprint to be used as a workspace for glulam beam notching on the ground. The overall notch-prepping process took two (2) months on the front end, but was able to reduce rooftop erection time to 1.5 weeks at a rate of 20 to 30 beams a day.

Schedule Recovery

2016 yielded one of the greatest amounts of rainfall in the past decade with the most precipitation falling during site grading and over-ex. At the end of each day, each glu-lam had to be covered and protected from inclement weather and grading was halted until the rain stopped. To recover the schedule, Oltmans successfully worked with Ganahl Lumber to finalize the layout of the retail store early so that the proper underground utilities could be completed to pour the slab on grade (SOG) early. With the SOG completed earlier in the sequence, weather delay was reduced because the slab dried quicker than the compacted dirt. Roof erection also sped up because the SOG allowed for easier maneuvering of the crane, assisting with the hoisting and setting of the pre-prepped glu-lam beams. During relocation from the old store to the new one, Oltmans was also mindful of turnover sequence to minimize Ganahl’s potential revenue/time loss and support the owner’s financial initiatives. Oltmans deliberately turned over the lumber mill in the new store early, so as to prevent any disruption to Ganahl’s service. Orders from the old store were able to be serviced at the new store even during the construction process.

Square Footage

60,000 s.f.

Laguna Woods Clubhouse 2 Renovation

The Laguna Woods Village is a retirement community located in Southern California. This project is a 12,500 s.f. renovation of an existing historical building that includes new construction of a storage building, a loggia structure and adjacent site improvements.

The scope of work includes restoring of the original terra cotta tiles on the exterior of the building, updating & refurbishing the clubhouse & ballroom trusses, doors & windows, installation of new ceramic tiles throughout the restroom & kitchen, updates to the ceiling fans & chandeliers and restoration & upgrades to the roof structure & tiles.

The project involved coordination with the surrounding Laguna Woods Village Community to maintain a secure construction site while still allowing access to posterior golf cart paths, thus reducing the impact of construction on the local community.

Square Footage

12,500 s.f.

Sunstone at Juniper Springs

The project was to construct a high-end, three-story resort/condominium complex with subterranean parking. The resort included 77 suites ranging in size from 750 s.f. to 1,000 s.f. The complex featured a pool and spa, ski-in/ski-out terrace, Rustic Mountain Hearth Room with fireplace and adjoining view terrace, owner’s ski equipment lockers, exercise room, meeting rooms, underground parking and ski-in/ski-out access to ski lifts at the base of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

Square Footage

107,274 s.f.

Spirit Soledad Crossing Retail Center

Spirit Soledad Crossing Retail Center

Soledad Crossing Retail Center is located in the Santa Clarita Valley. This retail center boasts retailers such as Babies R Us, Game Stop, Kidco., Chiropractice, GStage, Submarina, Dicks Sporting Goods, Valencia Tutoring and more. The shopping center itself spans a 14-acre site with 120,271 s.f. of two separate building clusters on the East and West side of the site.

The project involved the construction of three (3) masonry and two (2) wood framed buildings with stucco, brick veneer and foam tip architectural elements on the other buildings. Oltmans was also tasked of keeping up with site improvement including utility infrastructures, curb & gutter, paving and landscaping.


14 acres

Outlet by E.L.S.

The Outlet by E.L.S. is a one story, Type V-B, 46,168 s.f. hybrid retail/office and warehouse project. The new location features concrete tilt up construction with a hybrid steel and wood roof. A unique feature of the new site is an on-site rainwater retention basin under the parking lot, which allows rainwater to naturally seep into the ground instead of immediately going into the storm drains. During the construction, Oltmans recycled 70-75 percent of materials involved in the construction including cement forms, cardboard, metals, and drywall. Other green features include obtaining concrete from local sources to reduce the amount of concrete truck traffic, construction of secure bicycle storage area to encourage bicycle use and weather based irrigation controllers to control the landscape irrigation.

Square Footage

46,000 s.f.