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Oltmans recently completed the tenant improvement project for the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA. The project involved the complete transformation of an existing 6 story office building into a space with galleries, art studios, offices, and support spaces. As part of the upgrade, the entire sixth floor was taken off the main building line, and a new HVAC system was installed on the roof, while maintaining chilled water for the tenants. The exterior of the building was stained black to tie-in to the other ArtCenter campus buildings located in the same area. In keeping with the white and black Art Center theme, black epoxy floors were installed in the main circulation and living room areas. Existing stairs, handrails, and guardrails were upgraded to meet code requirements. In addition, Oltmans completed the relocation of the building’s main supply and return air shaft to make way for a much needed fourth elevator. Oltmans coordinated closely with the City of Pasadena to coordinate deliveries during the Rose Bowl parade street shut downs, permit approvals, and tree protection programs. Construction of the scope occurred within an occupied and fully operational building.

Total Size: 22,407 s.f.