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Spanning nearly 1.7 million square feet of building area, Phase II of the Colony Commerce Center completes a world class, eleven-building industrial park, of which Oltmans built nine. It was a feat of coordination to wrap up the project in 15 months, even after a three-month weather delay. Phase II includes nine of the eleven buildings which make up Colony Commerce Center East and West, located in Ontario, California. The project site sits just west of the I-15 and south of the Ontario Airport (OIA), and provides one of the last one-million-square-foot building opportunities in Riverside County.

Oltmans’ scope included over 1,680,000 square feet of concrete tilt-up building construction on 84 of 150 total acres dedicated to both the East and West wings of the industrial complex. It also featured eight (8) mid-sized buildings ranging from 35,000 to 142,000 square feet, and a one-million-square-foot, 40-foot-clear, high-cube distribution warehouse building.

Buildings one through eight feature approximately 2,500 square feet of tenant improvement build-out on the first floors, and 2,500 square feet of open mezzanine on the second floors. Building nine includes 6,178 square feet of tenant improvement build-out in three separate corners of the building and is LEED Certified. Additional scope incorporated the construction of concrete truck courts, three (3) underground retention basins, and associated concrete screen walls.

To complete the project in 15 months, keeping an accelerated schedule on track was paramount. “Macon’s contributions benefited us from the start,” project manager Chris Gray shares. “He was instrumental in strategizing our schedule and was onsite whenever our subcontractors were, working many long days.” When the weather was good, the team pushed crews to get a head start on grading, site utilities, fire and storm drains, underground construction, and structural concrete—on the busiest days, employing upwards of 350 journeymen between October and May. Anticipating inclement weather, the team devised a concrete pour schedule that made the most of dry days and prioritized sensitivity to the neighboring residents. Buildings six through eight, constructed in the rain, went up first to act as a sound barrier as construction progressed. Building nine came next, and subsequently, one through five. The slab on grade for building nine was treated and prepped for a panel raise in early spring, coordinating roofing crews and a heavy manpower load to expedite construction of the largest building on the campus. The team was also highly dust and debris conscious. Water trucks were constantly on site, grading was halted when it was too windy, and street sweepers kept residential streets spotless.

All in all, despite facing challenges from three full months of weather delays, which also created sink holes due to the improper backfill of storm drains by another contractor, the project was completed on time and without comments from nearby residents. The team also went on to complete the tenant improvement scope in building seven for Wieland and building nine for Restoration Hardware. According to superintendent, Macon May “The formula for this project set it up for success—we had stellar subcontractors on board that were up for the challenge, a knowledgeable Oltmans team, a strong work plan prior to start, and aggressive execution of the work plan with safety at the forefront. I couldn’t have managed all of the subcontractor trades without the up-and-coming star, Justin White. Chris Gray had a solid grip on the project all the way through and didn’t miss a beat. He’s for real. We weren’t just coworkers on this project, we worked as a family. We listened to each other and developed the work plan together.”

Square Footage

Building 1 41,210 s.f.

Building 2 50,140 s.f.

Building 3 68,110 s.f.

Building 4 71,340 s.f.

Building 5 68,640 s.f.

Building 6 109,690 s.f.

Building 7 133,320 s.f.

Building 8 142,040 s.f.

Building 9 1,000,930 s.f.

Total 1,685,420 s.f.