The C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. is a significant leader in the Los Angeles areaoccupying nearly 1,000,000 square foot of space in the Los Angeles area. As a leading supplier to the glazing, railing, architectural construction, industrial and automotive industries, CRL offers more than 50,000 products and serves the industry throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Construction of the new C.R. Laurence 300,000 square foot building began in August of 2010 in the midst of a deep economic downturn. The construction of this new manufacturing building not only provided jobs for hundreds of construction workers, but also provided assurances that permanent manufacturing jobs were not being lost but were being created. The selection of this site and the choice to expand their operations in the Los Angeles area gave proof of their support of the people of their community and the industry they serve.

Project Challenges & Resolutions

The building is tilt-up construction and presented a challenge for the project’s engineers. Due to the dock-high requirements, the building had to be elevated which involved the import of over 45,000 cubic yards of dirt. As the site was extremely flat, the latest laser technology was utilized to ensure that a minimum slope requirement was met for the flow of storm water into the storm drainage system.

Project Highlights

The warehouse with 3% skylight coverage, in addition to the several punched openings located throughout the entire perimeter of the building, is energy efficient by significantly reducing the use of artificial lighting during the daylight hours. Due to their ever expanding business opportunities, the building owners determined it necessary to maintain a 33’ clear-height building with no horizontal obstructions through each bay from one end of the building to the other. To solve this problem, the engineers used a custom Moment frame design that was proprietary to the steel mill where it was fabricated. The steel beams and columns had to be pre-ordered several months in advance to accommodate the completion schedule. The building also has an extensive sewer system for flexibility, should any possible future manufacturing needs be required. In the event that there might be a change in the occupancy type or use of the building, provisions were also incorporated into the structure for a future ESFR fire suppression system which included accommodations for a future fire pump house. A super-flat floor was constructed for an owner-installed crane system. Their manufacturing needs also required a state-of-the-art HVAC system to maintain a safe and clean work environment for the polishing of their “polished” stainless steel product line. A specialty “Torit Cyclone Dust Collection” system was installed to meet this need. In order for this system to work properly, the HVAC ductwork was designed to support velocities of over 10,000 CFM. All 90 degree bends had to be reduced to “Y” type bends and presented a challenge due to the location of this system which further involved some creative routing of the ductwork. With the use of tens of thousands of glass and glass wall component varieties to construct a 43,000 square foot office build-out space, the office area became a showroom in itself. With a representative use of C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. specialty glass lines, each office features a different custom-built glass wall system manufactured right in their own facilities.

The office area also showcases LED technology which is incorporated into its’ glass giving it additional architectural effects and highlights. Additionally, an extensive use of architectural stainless steel components was used from the handrails to the bathroom partitions to the smoke draft stops.

The exterior of the building includes the use of a C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. manufactured canopy system with stainless steel light bollards and glass wind screens. A low-watering irrigation system was installed in combination with native landscaping thereby reducing water consumption and providing easily maintained landscaping.

The opening of this new building offers the C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. clients from the construction industry an opportunity to have a look at the different products their company has to offer by way of a tour through their new facility, another added benefit to the owners.

Square Footage

310,000 s.f.