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Oltmans Construction Co. completed the 308,000 s.f. DHL West Coast air and ground shipping and sorting facility that is part of the March Global Port redevelopment at the March Air Reserve Base. The highly technical component of the project involved designing and erecting the concrete tilt-up building that would accommodate DHL’s one-of-a-kind $35 million sophisticated materials handling conveyor system, which constituted more than 80% of the entire facility. Oltmans also provided the build-out of all interior support structures including: a 210,000 s.f. material handling area, 14,000 s.f. of office space, 2,000 s.f. electrical room, 36,000 s.f. parcel sorting mezzanine area, 24-1200 s.f./24-hour computer room enhanced by six back up generators, 31 ft. minimum interior clearance, 8000 amps of power, and 116 dock high positions for both airplanes and trucks. The building was built with future expansion in mind with a less permanent wall on one end and a structural capacity for several openings at the opposite end.

THe DHL facility was designed to provide immediate airstrip access, enabling planes to pull right up to the structure. The sorting facility supports 11 flights a day, transporting up to 500,000 packages daily.

Square Footage

308,000 s.f.