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The state-of-the-art Volkswagen Group of America Test Center California was constructed on a 5-acre site located at 201 Del Norte Blvd. in Oxnard California. The facility is the largest technical center of its kind for the Volkswagen Group outside of Germany. The project was a ground-up, 64,000 s.f. emissions compliance laboratory and vehicle test center. The project was completed in two phases; the first phase included the demolition and removal of an existing truck-dock building as well as over-excavating and rough grading for the future building site. The second phase was the construction of the building itself. The site is utilized as the company’s only emission testing facility in the country and is also used for research and development of emerging products.The development center featured an emissions test laboratory, parts analysis capabilities, a vehicle workshop with more than 16 in-ground lifts, and a dealer service and training center. The shop and emissions lab had epoxy flooring for added durability and cleaning. In addition, the new facility added extensive office and meeting areas to accommodate approximately 50 TCC team members and more than 250 Volkswagen Group engineers and partners who are expected to make the trip to Oxnard each year to conduct myriad testing projects.

SPI Solar installed a solar power system in the building. The system is expected to save the company about 30 percent in its carbon footprint. The system included a 400-kW system with 2,278 solar panels placed on the rooftop and on carport shade structures. Because testing in the new Oxnard facility will require a huge amount of energy, solar power not only cuts costs but also fits the company’s focus on fostering clean energy. The completed facility supports several Volkswagen Group brands including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley,and Bugatti.

Our good neighbor policy avoided any disruption to the operations of Pacific Beverage Company located to the North of the project. Oltmans Construction self performed concrete work on all concrete panel tilt-up walls and mezzanine deck.

LEED Certification/Sustainable Construction

An excerpt from Volkswagen:

Volkswagen Group of America’s North American Emission Compliance Lab & Test Center was awarded LEED Certification in 2013. “Volkswagen Group has a comprehensive strategy to develop sustainable innovations designed to help reduce the environmental footprint of our products and all aspects of our corporate operations,” said Matthias Barke, General Manager, Volkswagen Group Test Center California. “As one of the few automotive laboratories of its kind in the world to achieve LEED certification, the TCC’s achievement allows us to be better neighbors while contributing to Volkswagen’s worldwide commitment to environmental responsibility.”

To earn LEED Certification the facility included:

  • Use of energy-conserving insulation, increased ventilation and thermal comfort design elements help reduce energy resources needed to keep the interior climate optimal
  • Low-emitting materials used throughout the facility
  • Solar array that features 1,750, 430-kilowatt panels that help reduce energy costs by one-third
  • Extensive use of energy efficient fluorescent lighting with motion sensors and electronic time schedule management
  • Use of advanced climate control management technologies utilizing state-of-the-art HVAC units equipped with economizers and ceiling fans helping to lower energy costs and improve airflow
  • Innovative wastewater technologies, use of low-flow water fixtures with no-touch sensors, and others that help to reduce water usage by more than 26 percent
  • On-site renewable energy sources and optimized performance that help to contribute to an increase in efficiency and energy cost savings of approximately 35 percent

Special Features

LEED Certified Project

Square Footage

64,000 s.f.