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This project is a 3-story, high tech structural steel framed industrial laboratory. The facility will be used for the production of blood plasma therapies. 29 large specialty stainless steel tanks will be used to store the blood plasma for processing, and will be temperature controlled. 23-tanks will be installed on the second floor, which will weigh 44,000 lbs each when filled. 6-additional tanks will be installed in the tank farm area, weighing 247,000 lbs each when filled. The tank farm structure includes concrete caissons and an elevated concrete deck. Special coordination and phasing is required to place the tanks through the open roof via crane. The steel support system of the tanks includes a combination of large wide flange beams, channels and angles. Within this framework, the stainless steel load cell system will be welded into place and will be used to monitor the weight of the tanks.

Square Footage

95,200 s.f.