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  • 20190727.  Oltmans Construction Manteca Spec 18265.
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  • 20190802.  Oltmans Construction project Manteca Spec 18265 on Airport Way.

LEED Certified, S-1 storage facility, Type IIB construction, fully-sprinklered, 44-ft. high, ground-up con-struction of a single story, concrete tilt-up speculative building with associated parking lot and site work. The project also includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and irrigation design. Tenant improvements for Amazon included an interior build-out for restrooms, a trucker’s lounge, trucker’s cages, scrubber dump, new warehouse and emergency lighting, new electrical gear and dis-tribution, new HVAC, new dock positions, PIT charging area, and racking.

Square Footage: 746,700 s.f.