This two-story facility is situated on a 9.4 acre parcel in the Mission Oaks Business Park located in the City of Camarillo. Medical Analysis Systems manufactures reagents and compounds used in the calibration and testing of blood analysis machines. Extensive quality control and research and development laboratories were at the core of the project’s design. Intricate plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler and refrigeration systems were incorporated into the project to support the complex manufacturing process. This project presented several unique scheduling challenges such as performing all interior work in phases in order to facilitate the owner in obtaining their F.D.A. certifications. Despite the time constraints and design challenges, the project was completed one month ahead of schedule.

Square Footage

Manufacturing: 105,000 s.f.

Office Space: 65,000 s.f.

Laboratory: 10,000 s.f.

Total: 180,000 s.f.