1.89 MW DC Solar Rooftop Installation at Kaiser Distribution Center #07

Oltmans Construction Co. role on the KDC #07 / SCE SPVP #15 project is Prime Subcontractor for Hunter Environmental Group, the General Contractor, on this solar rooftop installation project.

The project is a 1.89 MW DC rooftop solar system for the power grid. This project is an addition to SCE’s first rooftop project, SPVP #001 and utilizes 14,056 – 320 watt panels, 3 Satcon 500kw inverters and 2 masonry enclosures. During construction 0.36MW (1,120 panels) are added to Site I and then Site I is combined with SPVP #015 to provide a single connection point to the power grid.

PV Module: SunPower Solar / Inverter: Satcon / Design By: Blue Oak Energy

Installation Size: 1.89 MW