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This offsite public works project not only featured numerous major improvements to upgrade the existing infrastructure, but also demanded the construction of many new implementations as well. As conditioned for the new Home Depot Distribution Center that Oltmans built, our off-site work included mass grading, and the engineered redirection of an existing floodplain into an improved, state-of-the art channel. In addition, the project also featured multiple major storm drain installations, including box culvert, head walls, inlet/outlet structures, rip-rap energy dissipaters, and major reconstruction of Caltrans channels. The project also created a new street, and improvements to existing major thruways such as street widening, and the creation of landscaped medians. New and updated traffic signalization was installed, as well as street lighting and the installation of a new Edison “Rule 20” backbone. The Oltmans’ team managed to work under the directive of various governing agencies such as Cal Trans, City of Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and the County of San Bernardino. Through the course of this project Oltmans and our contractors stayed on top of our priority commitments to safety, as well as strict adherence to proper BMPs and SWPPP implementation. The final look and function reflected the standard of quality that’s expected from an Oltmans project.