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Build out of suite 200 within an existing building into a clinical space and imaging center. The renovation was done in two phases with the first involving partial relocation of first floor tenants, working around their preferred work hours to complete structural retrofits to the facility in preparation for the installation of heavy imaging equipment on the second floor. The second phase included the demolition of the second floor space, and plumbing and electrical tie-in to the facilities system.

Renovations in suite 200 included upgrades to the existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to accommodate the clinical facility and imaging center equipment. The rooms containing the MRI, CT scan, and X-ray were all lead and copper shielded. Installation of specialty equipment also required close coordination with Providence Health & Services’ equipment vendors to ensure that the appropriate bolt templates were sized to properly anchor the machines during rigging and installation of equipment.

To accommodate Providence Health & Services’ opening date, temporary walls were built while construction continued in subsequent phases. To work around the existing tenants and to meet phased turnover, Oltmans construction’s team implemented night work and double shifts at various stages to complete all noisy construction and demolition work.

Preconstruction Delivery

During preconstruction, Oltmans project management team provided value engineering options with subcontractor input. Coordination with owner-provided vendors, building tenant, and property management team. Construction also began during preconstruction to accommodate a three month permit delay. Oltmans collaborated with the architect and city to maintain the schedule.The project was under OSHPD-3 jurisdiction.

Square Footage: 25,977 s.f.