• Riverside University Health Systems (Cactus Clinic)
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The Moreno Valley Community Health Center was a conversion of an existing facility owned by Altura Credit Union into a two (2)-story tenant improvement project for the County of Riverside University Health System (RUHS). The project underwent a design/build MEP-FS process as well as required significant structural retrofits in order to achieve the Architect’s open design intent.

Architectural features in the final space included Herman Miller Healthcare System casework and furniture, axiom ceiling clouds located above each of the three (3) residency group spaces as well as specialty finishes such as oversized Spectrum architectural lights in all the main areas, 3form privacy screens in the check-in counters, custom linear wood ceilings and graphic wall coverings.

Healthcare Center programming include:

  • X-Ray room
  • 27 exam rooms
  • Two (2) procedure rooms
  • Three (3) soiled utility rooms
  • Three (3) clean utility rooms
  • Three (3) medical equipment rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Three (3) residency group spaces
  • Two (2) staff break rooms/lounge areas
  • Staff patio addition
  • Two (2) patient waiting areas
  • Blood draw/specimen collection room

Square Footage:

26,000 s.f.