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Completed over several phases The Center at Needham Ranch project included mass infrastructure and grading as well as the construction of six (6) speculative concrete tilt-up warehouse and distribution centers (Buildings 1-3 and Buildings 4-6), totaling 849,525 s.f. In the second phase of the project, Oltmans will be adding one large and four (4) medium sized pads for industrial warehouse buildings and auxiliary dedicated parking. Oltmans’ scope also included the safe relocation of the 92-year-old Live Oak Manor rock archway, to make way for new improvements.

The Center at Needham Ranch is a 135-acre, master-planned business park offering state-of-the-art facilities on a speculative and build-to-suit basis. Once completed, the business center will provide up to approximately 1.8 million square feet of industrial, office, and research and development facilities.

Phase 1 Horizontal Mass Grading

Breaking ground in 2017, the site’s original elevation of 216 feet was lowered to 102 feet. This involved 4.3 million cubic yards of mass excavation with the deepest cuts exceeding 100 feet and the deepest fills exceeding 80 feet. Included with final delivery were seven building pads (Phases 1A-1C), a pad for a future LA County fire station and heli-pad, extensive upgrades to offsite utility systems, a 1.1-million-gallon water tank, and booster pump station, and 3,500 lineal feet of fully improved street and bike trail.

Phase 1A – 1C Vertical Buildings 1-6 & 10

Completed in sub-phases, 1A-B involved the construction of six speculative concrete tilt-up warehouses and distribution centers (totaling 849,525 s.f.) and three extended parking lots. The team also safely relocated the 94-year-old Live Oak Manor rock archway, and Oltmans’ SPD completed the interior improvements. Building 10 of Phase 1C, a single, 169,854-s.f., speculative concrete tilt-up warehouse and distribution building, is delivering by Q4 2021.

Phase 2 Horizontal Mass Grading

With a ground-breaking date in December 2020 and delivery date by Q3 2022, requirements for this phase involve approximately 3.8 million cubic yards of excavation and remedial grading, with cuts up to 105 feet and fills of 133 feet, a three-month surcharge program, a 1.1-million-gallon water tank, a new signaled intersection, and 5,000 lineal feet of fully-improved street and bike trail. Also included with final delivery are four (4) additional building pads and site preparation for a future, extended-surface parking lot.

Phase 2 Vertical

Phase 2 Vertical Buildings 11, 14, 17, 18 & Lot 16 Currently bidding is the first of the remaining four buildings – a single, 278,670-s.f., 36’-0” clear facility forecast to start upon completion of the surcharge program in September 2021. Forthcoming in Q4 2021, the final three buildings will total 672,094 s.f. and include an extended-surface parking lot, delivering by Q4 2022.


Total Square Footage:

1,800,289 s.f.