This project is the remodel of an existing warehouse and the development of a chemical storage and processing facility.

Site: The project includes the development of a 20-acre site for use as Van Waters and Rogers’ Los Angeles area chemical distribution facility. The delivery system includes tanker truck and railroad car access, with a new rail spur serving the site. Structural steel platforms provide access to the rail car off-loading area. Two (2) new truck scales provide shipment/load verification and the chemical loading areas are covered by metal building structures. Extension of existing site utilities, demolition, re-grading and paving of the site, and associated site hardscape and landscape improvements complete the site portion of the project.

Tank Farm: The project site encompasses areas for the delivery, storage, and distribution of various chemicals, ranging from solvents and corrosives to hydrogen peroxide. 65 above ground storage tanks (to 30,000 gallon Capacity) are housed within three (3) separate tank farms with HDPE-lined containment walls. The chemical piping system that delivers product from the tank farm to trucks and the warehouse is designed with PLC controls.

Warehouse: The scope of the development includes remodeling of a 284,000 s.f. warehouse with 12,000 s.f. of interior office rehab. The warehouse chemical storage areas will primarily by Type H-3 and H-7 rated, depending upon the chemicals to be stored, and includes sprinklered storage racks. The warehouse layout comprises storage, blending, packaging, maintenance, laboratory, and warm room facilities. Loading dock areas serve the warehouse on two (2) sides. Both the building and the various chemical storage areas have individual containment structures built for them to provide enclosure in the event of a material spill.

Square Footage

284,000 s.f.