Transforming shells into modern showpieces

Oltmans Special Projects Division focuses exclusively on the complexities of transforming existing buildings into highly efficient structures that meet our clients’ goals architecturally, environmentally and financially. Turning existing buildings into a high-caliber, high-value asset requires more than expertise alone. It requires an agile, flexible, responsive approach throughout the entire process so plans and processes can adapt to realities on the ground without going over budget.

When buildings must remain in use during renovations, we take extra measures to minimize our impact on the occupants’ productivity and health. The Oltmans’ SPD team has the nimble management structure it takes to work around ongoing operations so construction doesn’t interrupt daily activities. From working overnight to coordinating the finest scheduling details, we are uniquely skilled in synchronizing renovation with the daily lives of tenants who depend on stable, functional workplaces.

Whether you are a property owner, developer or a tenant, the Special Project Division can deliver the same build quality, tightly managed projects and personal service you expect from Oltmans.

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Oltmans Renovation & Retrofit qualifications and capabilities

  • Comprehensive, expert team of specialized project managers, estimators, and field employees
  • Decades of renovation experience
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) lets us troubleshoot changes to existing structure, assess risk and streamline construction


  • Tenant build-outs in shell and core structures
  • Tenant improvements and creative office spaces in existing or outdated buildings
  • High-end interiors
  • Seismic upgrades and renovations
  • Historical preservation and rehabilitation
  • Complete reconstruction and repurposing
  • Structural repurposing for manufacturing and R&D facilities
  • Repurposed building for e-commerce use