Commemorating the Career of Juan Felix, Labor Foreman

May 23, 2016
Commemorating the Career of Juan Felix, Labor Foreman

WHITTIER, CA – May 11, 2016 – Juan Felix, Labor Foreman, recently retired on March 31, 2016 after dedicating 37 years to working at Oltmans Construction Co. He joined Oltmans in 1979 as a Laborer and was known to be a hard worker and a great leader in the field. When we called Juan to see how he was doing, he chuckled and said, “I’m fishing.” He said it’s something he enjoys doing on a regular basis.

“I cannot begin to express how much Oltmans Construction Co and I appreciate Juan for his 37 years of dedication.” – Joe Pike, Director of Field Operations

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    I love being with my family. I have a sister that lives in California and I visit her often. I will be going to Mexico soon to take care of my 86-year old mother.
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    Working with everybody! Good people – the carpenters, laborers, foreman, etc. Everybody is so nice. They’re like my family. If possible, please send me a newsletter soon. I would like to still hear what is going on at Oltmans.
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We have recently had the opportunity to celebrate the retirement of two labor foremen. One of which is Juan Felix.

Juan dedicated his working career to Oltmans Construction Co. Lucky for us that he did. Though we are happy for him, it will be sad to see him leave after all of the years we had with him. Juan, like so many others that are in leadership roles, has committed himself to many nights of driving long distances and pouring concrete at midnight. We are now placing up to 1,700 cubic yards in a single pour on some of our larger projects. This is happening on several projects simultaneously, and Juan has been there for it all. Most recently he has worked large projects such as Meredith, Rancho Goodman, Chino South, Etiwanda Freeway Center, to name a few.

I did have the privilege of working with him on several projects and really enjoyed him being part of the team. He can and has done anything that was asked of him, but one of his outstanding talents is operating a skip loader, he is a natural at operating and fine grading.

I had a recent conversation with Juan about all of the years he has worked and he said all of us are family and we just keep going. But now it is time for him to do the things he enjoys the most: his family, and fishing.

Thank you Juan, and good luck.

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– Joe Pike, Director, Field Operations

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