a person pouring concrete

Self-Perform Structural Concrete

Some things you have to do yourself.

Oltmans self-performs the majority of the concrete poured on our projects. As a pioneer in tilt-up construction, concrete is quite literally the foundation of our business and is one of our most highly-developed specialties. But the real reason we do our own concrete work is the simple fact that no one can do it better, faster or more efficiently than our crews.

Our highly skilled concrete crews pour over 300,000 cubic yards — that’s 30,000 truckloads — of concrete every year, and every inch of it is subject to our rigorous quality control. Our in-house crews guarantee that the finished concrete exceeds every expectation and our processes adhere to Southern California’s strict air quality (AQMD) requirements.

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300K+ cubic yards of poured concrete a year, exceeds standard floor flatness & floor levelness (FF&FL)
400+ Union Affiliated Carpenters
An average of 10-15 million square feet of self-performed concrete tilt-up related projects per year

Oltmans Concrete Division

Internal 400-strong of concrete experts who forms, pours and finishes all of our concrete
The average employment tenure of Oltmans field leadership is 20 years
Proven provider of superflat flooring for e-commerce and state-of-the-art logistics
Oltmans controls quality, speed, and logistics for all pours
In-house concrete placing, finishing, and laser screeding service
3 Generations of employees in the field
Total Station surveying for precise layout
Tilt Up Concrete Association (TCA) certified
a building under construction

Tilt-Up Construction

Pioneers in concrete construction.

Oltmans was among the first to use highly efficient, cost effective tilt-up method of concrete construction, and we remain one the nation’s foremost general contractors in the tilt-up marketplace.

We form, cure and finish our own tilt-up components onsite and we’ve been doing it that way since the mid-1940′s to provide our clients with the highest quality concrete at the most competitive prices possible. Today we're setting the bar on what is possible with tilt-up construction. We are building larger, seismic-resistant tilt-ups with over 36 foot clear heights to meet and exceed the needs of e-commerce and state-of-the-art logistics and distribution facilities all over the Southwestern United States.

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