Torrance, CA

Lisi Aerospace (Hi-Shear) Bldg 4

Lisi Aerospace Phase II: Construction of new office space.

Lisi Aerospace Phase II: Construction of new office space.

Lisi Aerospace Phase I

Hi-Shear Corporation, an aerospace branch of Lisi Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced aerospace fasteners and installation tools used in commercial, military and space vehicles.

Oltmans’ scope of work was to provide design-build services for the construction of a new plating/manufacturing/testing facility for Lisi. The new facility is a prefabricated metal building that accommodates six plating lines and office space. Located outside of the facility is a waste-treatment area that includes multiple waste containers with associated filtration systems. This project involved several highly technical and challenging components including:

Staging and Logistics

Lisi’s customer, Boeing, had to approve the products coming out of the new facility before they could stop production at their old plant. Therefore, Oltmans had to construct the new building first, get it under operation, test the quality and then demolish the old plant. Due to this constraint, the new building was constructed adjacent to the old building on the company’s existing parking lot. The project team worked with neighboring businesses to lease out parking spaces during construction for Lisi employees. Future plans involve constructing a new parking lot on top of the old building’s site.

Existing Soil Conditions

Several existing monitoring wells (water & vapor) within the work area had to be lowered (below level of work) and then raised back after completion of construction work.

“Just in Time Deliveries”

The project included a lot of custom equipment; several pieces of equipment had to be shipped in from out-of-state. Due to the minimal staging area, this involved major coordination of deliveries for the equipment to arrive “just in time”.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Oltmans’ BIM services played a vital role in keeping the project on schedule. Through the use of BIM, eighty (80) conflicts had been resolved during the design phase, which made the construction process relatively seamless. It allowed for the project to be completed on-time and on-budget.

Square Footage

24,000 s.f.