5,933 s.f. addition to an existing building at the Providence Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills. While the project is non-OSHPD construction, anything associated with the structure including construction of the addition foundation over an underground utility chaise required OSHPD-1 oversight. The existing building is steel framed with wood joist supporting a lightweight concrete deck. The new addition is wood-framed, slab on grade, plaster with architectural features on the exterior facades.

The scope of work includes:

  • Demolition of a portion of the site for the new building to be constructed
  • Demolition of the existing building (e.g., wing wall, windows, and doors)
  • Infill areas where windows and doors were removed
  • Build-out of the new addition
  • New accessible path of travel for public right-of-way
  • Re-striping of existing parking spaces for EVSE (electric vehicle) parking
  • Providing 12 new parking stalls

Building Addition: 5,933 s.f.