San Bernardino, CA

San Manuel Landing

Core, shell, and tenant improvement construction of a 1,153,644 s.f. warehouse and distribution facility, along with on- and offsite improvements.

Preservation & Relocation of Historic Water Tower

A part of the onsite site work included moving a 128-ton water tower from the middle to the northwest corner. This required coordination with the owners to relocate power lines that bisect the site north to south, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and the addition of an east access road connecting U-street. Watch the relocation and preservation effort here.

Offsite Improvements

The delivery of this project on schedule was also predicated on completing the offsite street work along the two major streets, 3rd and Victoria Ave, and a smaller street, Central. Since the scope of work belonged to several different jurisdictions, including the City of Highland, the City of San Bernardino, and the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, Oltmans’ project team spearheaded the coordination with each jurisdiction separately. The offsite scope also included several new approaches to the site, including two on 3rd street and an access point off 3rd St. and Central.

Flexport Tenant Improvements

Upon the lease of the shell to Shopify, Oltmans delivered an additional 10,600 s.f. of tenant improvement services to Flexport.