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This unique design/build project consisted of an existing 500,000 s.f. tilt-up shell which was converted into a multi controlled temperature space. An additional 3,000 amp electrical service was installed to power the ammonia cooled refrigeration system and the eighteen (18) roof-mounted heat pumps. The 130,852 s.f. refrigerated space is cooled to 35° utilizing two (2) 200+ ton compressors, two (2) evaporator condensers and ten (10) evaporator coils. The 149,760 s.f. conditioned space is cooled to 65° by twenty (20) roof-mounted heat pumps and large prop fans which distribute cold air. Also cooled by the ammonia refrigeration system are a 6,000 s.f.”Cheese Repack Room” and a 1,344 s.f. “Blue Cheese Room”, which both feature epoxy-coated floors to maintain a sanitary surface and are kept at 40°-45° The “Blue Cheese Room” required dedicated refrigeration and air circulation to prevent active mold spore cross contamination with the other “Cheese Rooms”. The 223,010 s.f. dry storage space remains at ambient temperature, and required very few upgrades.

Square Footage

500,000 s.f.