San Bernardino, CA

Stater Bros. Master Plan & Campus Development

Winner of the Bernard B. Barber Jr. Award of Excellence 2008 and ENR California Award of Merit Winner in the Industrial Category, 2009.

Winner of the Bernard B. Barber Jr. Award of Excellence 2008 and ENR California Award of Merit Winner in the Industrial Category, 2009.

Stater Bros. Markets is the largest privately owned supermarket chain in southern California. New facilities were needed to consolidate and replace eight existing facilities totaling 1,700,000 s.f. into a single 2,200,000 s.f. energy and operationally-efficient distribution facility. Consolidation and design for high-performance buildings were the goals to reduce the cost of operation and maximize efficiency. Oltmans was brought on board as the Design/Build contractor to achieve these goals. Oltmans provided construction management services, value-engineering services and hired regional architectural and engineering firms for an integrated project delivery.

The Stater Bros. Campus Development project included 5 major buildings:

Corporate Office

A state-of-the-art, 2-story, concrete tilt-up/steel entry building with aluminum panels that consisted of conference rooms, executive suites, computer rooms, training centers, an auditorium, interior and exterior break rooms, kitchen, exterior patio, and courtyard area.

Maintenance Building & Dispatch/Returns Buildings

The project included two concrete tilt-up structures. Building #1 was 45,000 s.f. with 10,000 s.f. of office space and Building #2 was 46,000 s.f. with 15,000 s.f. of office space. The buildings included 16,700 s.f. of interior improvements, as well as service bays, automated interior trailer wash, bridge cranes, truck and trailer wash equipment.

Dry Goods Building

The Dry Goods Building was a 1,200,000 s.f., cross-dock facility with 2-1/2 acres of tenant improvements and more than 160 dock positions. The 40’-clearance warehouse had 100’ wide continuous staging areas and a shrinkage compensating concrete floor with steel-armored joints and a Traprock hardened finish throughout. More than 900 skylights provided the majority of the required daytime illumination and energy efficient T5 fluorescent fixtures with motion sensors were installed for nighttime use. The building was completely racked and overhead trash conveyors continuously removed container debris. A forklift maintenance area with a 10 ton overhead crane was constructed within the building to service the client’s 500 forklifts. 48,000 s.f. was dedicated to forklift parking alone and the building boasts the largest and most advanced automated forklift battery maintenance system in the country. Enhanced security features included nearly 800 cameras which are monitored 24 hours a day. Since the facility is continuously operated, nearly 1,500 employees pass through the main entrance turnstiles daily via an advanced access control system.

Stater Bros. Climate Controlled/Perishable Building

The 700,000 s.f. cold storage distribution center was a 40-ft-high concrete tilt-up building with various climate control areas.

Temperatures in the building ranged from 55 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The roofing consisted of a high efficient single ply PVC membrane. To meet the budget and schedule challenges of the owner, this project was led by Oltmans Construction Co., which hired the project architect and structural engineer.

Square Footage

Corporate Office Building 120,615 s.f.

Maintenance and Dispatch 91,000 s.f.

Climate Controlled Building 700,000 s.f.

Dry Goods Building 1,200,000 s.f.

Total Including Site 2,200,000 s.f.