• ABB Anaheim Substation 1
  • ABB Anaheim Substation 2
  • ABB Anaheim Substation 3
  • ABB Anaheim Substation 4
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Oltmans partnered with ABB, Inc. to design and build a new turn-key 69/12kV 112MVA Harbor substation. Due to its proximity to the Disneyland Resort special provisions were made during construction to control noise and restrict construction parking. The final design of the project required special noise control and a design that blended into the street to hide all substation equipment from street and rooftop view.

The project includes:

  • One partially enclosed structure holding two power transformers with appropriate ventilation, fire wall and oil containment.
  • One completely closed building holding the GIS/ Metal Clad Switchgear, relays, control panels, capacitor banks, etc.
  • Two outdoor pad mount SL&P transformers with ATS.
  • Fire alarm, security system, motor operated gate, venting, HVAC, lighting, landscaping, grading, grounding system, noise control, restroom and asphalt paving.

Square Footage: 37,400 s.f.