Commemorating the Career of Oliver Hunt

April 22, 2016
Commemorating the Career of Oliver Hunt

WHITTIER, CA – April 22, 2016 – Oliver Hunt, also known as “Windy”, has dedicated 30 years to working at Oltmans Construction Co. He started his career in 1978 as a Laborer at the age of 27. Due to his talents and hard work, Oliver made Labor Foreman in only six (6) months. As things began to slow down in 1990, he left Oltmans for eight years to pursue other work. He returned in 1998 and has been a fixture in the Oltmans Field Operations ever since.

If you ever have time to sit down and talk to Oliver, he has some great stories and memories to tell. In my interview with Oliver, I was able to ask a few questions:

What do you remember most about working at Oltmans?

    I remember working with guys like John McGuire, Mike Spencer, Frank Scalespe, Bill Gamboa, Bill Ames, Greg Carter, Joe Pike, Al Garcia, Mark Bargman, Mark Schlichting, Roger Graves, and Ed Sorbel. I was there when Ed was a first period apprentice. Times have changed. I remember using concrete machinery that only allowed us to pour 2-3 bays at a time. We didn’t use a pump. We had to use a chute and a lot of things that we did had to be done by hand. A 1,000,000 SF project would have taken a year back then, but now it only takes 6 months. We are twice as fast today!
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How was your overall experience at Oltmans?

    It was a good working experience. I appreciate each and everyone. I love them like they’re my own family. Oltmans has always opened their doors to people that wanted to change their lives. Oltmans has been merciful, graceful, and generous. I am most appreciative of Joe III. A while back, he donated chairs to my church. Joe Oltmans is blessed with goodness and generosity.

What was your favorite project?

    The Towne Center project, which was completed back in the 1980’s as well as the Quinn CAT project with Bill Gamboa. They were interesting and challenging jobs. The Goodman Eastvale project is a good project too. I like the volume, tempo of the job, atmosphere, and challenges that we had to overcome. Diego (Carpenter Foreman) was a big help.

Any plans for retirement?

    I will be vacationing in the Bahamas for the first 10 days. I have 16 grandkids and my wife has a to-do list. I am also a Pastor at My Father’s House Church in Riverside, so there are always things to do there.

Any last words of advice?

    Just like your own family, you have conflicts and arguments, but we become stronger at the end. If possible, I would like to give back to the younger generation. I am blessed with being patient and I would love to stay involved with the Carpenters Union and teach the younger generation. I always tell them, “If you’re a construction man, you are constructed for construction.”
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I would first like to thank Windy for all of the hard work he committed to Oltmans. He is a very positive man and that creates a good work atmosphere. He is a teacher of his co workers and makes us all better for his efforts. He has definitely helped us (Oltmans) to be stronger by educating our employees. He is very giving, reliable, and consistent with his service to Oltmans. I am very glad I had the opportunity to know him and work with him. He should know that he is very appreciated and will be missed. And now I would like to congratulate him on his new mission of retirement. He has worked hard and I wish him the best, and good health.

– Joe Pike, Director, Field Operations