Ed Sorbel Promoted to Director of Field Operations

August 29, 2023
Ed Sorbel Promoted to Director of Field Operations

Whittier, CA – August 29, 2023 - Oltmans Construction Co. is pleased to formally announce the promotion of Ed Sorbel to Director of Field Operations.

Ed has successfully led Oltmans’ field team in every capacity he has been entrusted with throughout his 36-year career. Today we congratulate him on his well-deserved advancement and thank him for his unmatched dedication to the company and team

Ed Sorbel - Director of Field Operations

Ed Sorbel joined Oltmans Construction Co. via an introduction by an Oltmans’ carpenter and family friend in 1987. He started as a first period apprentice with the Southwest Carpenters Union working with Chuck Sugget, Oltmans superintendent who was the first person to give him a chance and mentor him. Inspired throughout his 36-year career by leaders in the company, Ed shared that “Oltmans has always been my home. It is a good company and very family-oriented.”

His goal for his new position is to continue the long legacy of success that has been established by his predecessors focused on integrity and earnest work. Ed is a strong example of successful collaboration and communication and will continue to cultivate the team spirit at the core of Oltmans’ over 90-year success. Ed has successfully developed many client relationships throughout his 36-year career including partnerships with Goodman, Prologis, CalWest Galvanize, Birtcher, the Pegasus School, and Magnolia Science Academy to name a few.

“Early into working with him, I realized that the rumors of this guy being exceptional were true. Ed’s quiet, solemn, and very likable demeanor instilled a sense of confidence in every owner and subordinate that he interacted with. This, combined with his unrelenting desire to maintain schedule and quality while controlling costs, made him an exceptional leader in our industry. Ed has continued to follow this path into his present transition into Director of Field Operations. While he will be filling some very large shoes I am positive that he is up to this challenge. Congrats Ed, you have certainly earned this!” - Chris Bell, Vice President