On its 75th Anniversary, Oltmans Construction is Right Where it Started – at the Forefront of Building Quality Commercial Structures in the Southland

September 1, 2007
On its 75th Anniversary, Oltmans Construction is Right Where it Started – at the Forefront of Building Quality Commercial Structures in the Southland

It’s 1932–the depths of the Great Depression–what a year to start a business.

But living and working in Southern California, J.O. Oltmans, founder of Oltmans Construction, took a far more optimistic view of things. He understood the resiliency and resources of the region. He saw the opportunity to make a mark in commercial-industrial construction and the chance to bolster private enterprise.

He also knew that to grow the company he envisioned, he’d have to attract a team of top-flight professionals. So he set to work recruiting them.

“My grandfather always believed that people are the real bricks and mortar of our business,” notes J.O. Oltmans II, current Chairman and CEO of the privately held company headquartered in Whittier, CA. “He credited them again and again for the innovations, quality performance and honest dealings that we’ve built our reputation on for 75 years now.”

“Around here,” he adds, “the organization chart is filled with talent and continuity. That gives customers confidence going forward.”

With many of its key people in place for 20, 30, even 40 years, Oltmans has parlayed satisfaction and longstanding relationships into repeat business.

Among them corporate clients, developers and financial institutions throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. Through it all, the company has been consistently ranked among the nation’s foremost general contractors.

Success is a team effort with Oltmans managers, field forces and support staff. This focus has generated a steady stream of innovative ideas that have set the company apart.

Since the 70’s, Oltmans engineers have made significant contributions to the architecturally advanced applications of concrete tilt-up construction, particularly as it applies to warehouse/distribution and mid-rise office buildings.

Oltmans is an acknowledged leader in floor technology, using laser-guided equipment for installation. At the same time, the company’s financial forecasting is among the industry’s sharpest. Using state-of-the art software and sophisticated tracking procedures like Timberline, Expedition and Sure Trak at every phase of a project helps deliver one of our key advantages: Value Engineering. The art of understanding a business so thoroughly that we can recommend the most cost-effective approach for the level of quality clients require down to the smallest detail.

This has attracted clients and projects from every imaginable interest and industry. Herzog Winery’s 77,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that comprises a large, front-end tasting room, high-end restaurant, gift-store, major production area, corporate offices and material handling systems.

Pacific Sunwear’s half-million square foot clothing campus. DHL’s 80,000 square-foot West Coast Air/Ground hub. And Stater Brothers Markets’ 160-acre, five-structure campus just to name a few.

“California is the crossroads of the most diverse economic environment in nation. That’s a perfect place for a company that’s built its resume on the ability to adapt to the needs of constantly changing markets,” notes CEO Oltmans. “We’ve been there. We’ll be there. We look forward to the challenge.”