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The Torrance Commerce Center project replaces and rejuvenates the old Toyota site. With the leasing of the properties by local companies like Alpine Electronics, the Torrance Commerce Center is anticipated to attract and keep local tenants in the City of Torrance that would otherwise be lost after their relocation to the surrounding cities like Toyota’s move to Long Beach.

The project scope included construction of seven (7) concrete tilt-up warehouses with associated tenant improvements across two phases along with associated offsite improvements. Oltmans is also currently contracted to complete two tenant improvements for Alpine Electronics and AIT in buildings 2 and 5 respectively. Offsite improvements included domestic water utility connections, new service for recycle water lines, and grind and overlay of the adjacent streets.

Square Footage:

Building 1: 120,947 s.f.

Building 2: 124,866 s.f.

Building 3: 146,919 s.f.

Building 4: 268,871 s.f.

Building 5: 98,304 s.f.

Building 6: 100,900 s.f.

Building 7: 111,196 s.f.

Total: 972,003 s.f.