Joe Oltmans II – 2021 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: CRE Executives

June 28, 2021
Joe Oltmans II – 2021 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries: CRE Executives

Los Angeles, CA – June 20, 2021 – Special congratulations to our beloved chairman emeritus Joe Oltmans II. Joe was recognized by LA Times B2B Publishing as a 2021 LA County Visionary Executive in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

As the third-generation leader and chairman emeritus of Oltmans Construction Co., Joseph O. Oltmans II has experienced, firsthand, the growth of the company from a $1-million organization in the 1950s to what it is today, accomplishing over $500 million in company-wide sales with a team of over 500 employees. Joe credits the company’s success to an openness to change, new ideas, and opportunities, while standing firmly for its core values of family, integrity, honesty, and hard work. Under his leadership, Joe instituted the non-profit Oltmans Foundation, focused on community-building construction projects. Joe is a board member of the OC Rescue Mission and an active member of Mariners Church, Irvine. He is an incredible example of dedication and humble service, to Oltmans Construction Co. and his community.

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Joseph O. Oltmans II, Oltmans Construction Co.’s third-generation leader, and chairman emeritus, recently redirected his focus to retirement after 26 years in executive leadership and over 55 years at the company. Joe began his journey as an Oltmans Construction team member in the early 1950s, when, as a sophomore in high school, he tried his hand at digging ditches and cleaning lumber in the field part-time. In 1964, he began working full-time in the office, picking up plans, running bids, estimating and managing projects, and eventually led the real estate department. He assumed the role of president in 1982, chief executive officer in 1993, and chairman in 2003.

Joe Oltmans II

Joe recently shared with the company, as he was transitioning to retirement, “I can’t really add much to the professionalism and the quality of what we do, because it’s the young people who are doing the work—and many of them have surpassed me in their abilities—but I hope that I’ve demonstrated what it means to have integrity and professionalism in your career. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love, and for over 55 years. I enjoy working at Oltmans, and it’s really important that others enjoy working here.” Joe’s operational and life philosophy, which he says has been passed down by his father and grandfather, is to build with integrity and honesty. This has seen the company through hard times. “People trust [Oltmans] because we have integrity; in addition, we’re good at what we do, of course,” he says.

Joe Oltmans II

Oltmans Foundation – A Model for Giving Back

A sentiment shared by many of his colleagues and friends, Joe is an incredible example of faith, dedication, and humble service, to both Oltmans Construction Co. and to his community.

During his tenure as CEO and chairman, Joe was the catalyst in the formation of the Oltmans Foundation in 2002. A non-profit branch of the company, it brings together a collective group of like-minded partners (Oltmans employees, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers) to work on projects and activities that strengthen and sustain our local communities. As a general contractor, many of the Oltmans Foundation’s charitable projects include building structures, renovations, and site improvements. Joe has always been proud of the charitable effort that is put forth by our own employees who donate their time and money to those who need it most.

To date, the Oltmans Foundation has contributed thousands of hours of construction labor and materials to various organizations across Southern California. Joe’s relationships and leadership have been instrumental in the construction of the Olive Crest Ranch, a project that involved renovating classrooms and a gymnasium for at-risk or abused children, and the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, a conversion of the previous Tustin Marine Base into housing and support spaces for 192 homeless, men, women, and children.

He has expressed hopes that the Oltmans Foundation become a model of giving back for the 500 employees of Oltmans Construction Co. In turn, the efforts and impact of Oltmans employees can extend beyond any one, single person or organization’s reach. This idea has borne a real impact that has cultivated a culture of community and giving back within and outside of the company. In the last year alone, Oltmans Foundation and Oltmans personnel, together, have contributed hundreds of hours in construction labor and have been empowered to support individual and group charitable work throughout our local communities. According to Joe, “we have a unique talent that lends itself to doing the brick and mortar work; this extends from new buildings to remodeling existing buildings. That is a unique talent and network to tap into that non-profits don’t typically have and is how we can really impact our community positively.”

A few projects that have flourished under Joe’s leadership:

  • Expansion of the Veterans Outpost in Tustin, CA
  • The Orange County Rescue Mission’s 11th Annual OC Charity Classic Golf Tournament
  • Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles
  • Food for Life Ministry in Chino
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra
  • Union Station Homeless Services in Los Angeles
  • Victory Outreach Chino Men’s home in Chino
  • Whittier First Day in Whittier, CA
  • Young Horizons in Long Beach