Oltmans Celebrates New Leadership & LABJ Top Contractor Qualification for 2020

August 4, 2020
Oltmans Celebrates New Leadership & LABJ Top Contractor Qualification for 2020

Los Angeles, CA – August 3, 2020 – Oltmans Construction Co. ranks no. 26 among all LA County contractors, with $200M reported billings in LA County alone in 2019, representing 35 percent of the company’s overall national billings.

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Oltmans Construction Co. is honored to be represented as one of Los Angeles’ Top General Contractors, and to be part of a legacy of contractors dedicated to growing our communities and our industry.

A local, privately-owned company, Oltmans Construction is the pioneer and largest producer of concrete tilt-up buildings in Southern California. The company has earned its recognition as one of California’s top contractors by staying true to the vision and business practices which J.O. Oltmans, the firm’s founder, laid down over 88 years ago—to be ethical, honest, deliver excellence, and innovate.


New Leadership

John Gormly, Chairman & CEO

Charlie Roy, President

Oltmans Construction Co. is led by John Gormly, chairman and chief executive officer, who succeeded Joseph Oltmans II, chairman emeritus, after his retirement in 2019, after nearly 70 years at the company. Charles “Charlie” Roy, the grandson of Oltmans Construction’s first founding partner, Dennis Roy Sr., serves as president.

“John Gormly and Charlie Roy have been integral to Oltmans Construction’s history as well as its tremendous growth,” shares Joseph Oltmans II. “Their strong leadership and passion for our company will continue to carry us into our promising future.”

John and Charlie, who have each been with Oltmans Construction for over four decades, are committed to growing the company’s status as one of the region’s top general contractors through their dedication to the company’s values of integrity, honesty, hard work, and family. And, although an 88-year-old company, John states, “We are committed to new ideas, markets, and technology which will continue to make our industry evolve and grow. We embrace opportunities to grow as a firm as well, and are seeing a considerable amount of new and exciting projects ahead.”

Chris Bell, Vice President of Production & Newly-Appointed Regional Directors

Recently promoted after 23 years with the company, Chris Bell, vice president of Production, oversees Oltmans Construction’s team of project managers, engineers, and over 400 members of our acclaimed Union field staff. In April 2020, Chris succeeded Jim Woodside who celebrated his retirement after 32 years at the company.

To continue a vision of empowering our people and promising customer satisfaction, Oltmans Construction also announces a newly-appointed team of regional directors to enhance training and provide a uniform basis of customer support—Jose Borrayo, regional director of Southern California Operations; Dan Wozniak, regional director of Northern California Operations; Troy Griffin, regional director of Nevada Operations; Thanh Nguyen, operations director of Amazon Services; and Anjana Bhowmik, operations director of Strategic Markets.

“It is humbling to be surrounded by such an accomplished group of talented and insightful people to help guide our significant production operations,” Bell says. “I feel strongly that as Oltmans continues to expand, it is important to remain focused on what has made us successful—a strong commitment to ethics and our customers.”

About Oltmans Construction

Though now a $565-million company, Oltmans Construction traces its humble origins back to 1918 when J.O. Oltmans began operations in Los Angeles, working in the cubby holes of other firms’ offices to keep overhead at a minimum. After the formal establishment of the company in 1932, Oltmans Construction has grown from a small shop in Downtown L.A. with contracts grossing just over $100,000, to become a regional leader in industrial and commercial construction, averaging between seven and eight million square feet of concrete tilt-up projects annually.

In addition to the commercial and industrial markets, Oltmans Construction specializes in the construction of healthcare and wellness facilities, institutional, education, solar, infrastructure, and tenant improvement projects. With headquarters in Whittier, CA, as well as regional offices in Ontario, Thousand Oaks, Modesto, and Henderson, Nevada, Oltmans Construction completes a majority of contracting work in California, and also holds licenses in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico.

Notable projects currently under construction in Los Angeles County include: the Children’s Institute Watts, KIPP Compton Zest, Goodman El Monte, Goodman Los Angeles, Bridge Point Long Beach, Toyota Logistical Systems, and Torrance Commerce Center. These are seven of 34 currently active projects totaling 9.8 million square feet.