Take advantage of our expertise

Oltmans is ready, willing and able to serve your interests throughout your project as a consultant, advisor and advocate. Call on us at any point in your project’s life cycle. Whether you are just beginning to sketch your ideas or are mid-pour on your foundations, we can ensure everyone on the project fulfills your timeline, budget and vision.

Pre-construction consulting

Our expertise and extensive experience can save owners a lot time, money and stress. We can apply a critical eye to every facet of your project to determine feasibility and help you select the right architects, engineering specialists and subcontractors for the job.

Construction management

Even the best building teams need expert oversight. Oltmans project managers, designers and field supervisors provide on-the-ground representation of the owner’s interests. By working closely with contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, Oltmans is able to keep construction on schedule and on budget.

Communication and documentation

No one likes surprises; and construction projects — with thousands of moving parts and minute details — tend to create bombshells that derail progress and sour relationships. Oltmans ensures owners, architects and the contractor communicate, comprehend and agree on key decisions. We serve as a conduit for documentation and conversation and as an expert consultant who holds everyone accountable with clear, honest lines of communication.

Financial management

We bring the same, rigorous budget forecasting and line item scrutiny to the projects we manage as the ones we build ourselves.

Project management

We’ve got your contractor’s back. We help coordinate subcontractors, materials and inspections to keep things on track. We stay on watch for potential bottlenecks, shortages and delays so we can stay one step ahead of potential problems. Of course, we keep owners and architects completely informed about progress, changes orders and finances.

Quality control

Evaluating quality at each milestone is an absolute essential that requires an expert’s eye. Because Oltmans is on the ground throughout construction, we are able to scrutinize build quality on an ongoing basis and ensure that incomplete or incorrect work is fully addressed.


Oltmans takes an active role as owners take delivery of the finished projects. We help maintenance teams start up the facility’s systems, coordinate final inspections and secure all documentation including as-built drawings, maintenance guides and manuals and all warranties, guaranties, releases and bonds.

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